Asian Home Decor – Top Five Ways To Create An Asian Themed Home Decor

Gorgeous fabrics with rich vibrant colors and textures are the staples of the Asian style of decorating. It is not advisable to decorate the entire home in this manner but it is possible to keep an element of Feng Shui throughout the entire house. Walking into a room with a great Asian décor is like stepping into a sea of peace and calm. The lines and colors are designed to sooth and relax you.

Asian decor works great in a Dining room, bedroom, living room or bath. Read on to find five of the best ways to incorporate a bit of Asia into your home-decorating theme.

1.) One of the basics in a living room with Asian style is the meditation space. This space can be enhanced with a trickling fountain and pillows. Relegate a portion of the 廁所板 room for this purpose, by using large pillows to use instead of chairs will add to the feelings of relaxation. Adding calming music in low tones in this area of the room. Make sure that all that enter respect this space for what it is.

2.) Bamboo is a great decorating choice for a room decorated in the Asian style and mini bonsai or manicured plants are also great to use as an accent in Asian decor. You can use these plants as a natural room divider or as a focal point. Asian themed garden planters make great indoor planters for plants and flowers.

3.) The Asian Culture uses beautifully decorated screens for a variety of purposes in the home. A Shoji Screen is the perfect addition to cover a laundry hamper with style in a bathroom. These come in all sorts of mediums. They are great to partition off different sections of a room.

4.) Lighting is also important in Asian home decorating. Low wattage bulbs inside decorated paper lamps will add an authentic feel to any room.

5.) Decorating the entry and hall ways in Asian motif or Asian glass vases will bring it all together. A lot of people fail to pay attention to the entryway into the room that they have painstakingly decorated in Asian style. This is indeed unfortunate. The transition is a sort of shock and it takes away from the overall enjoyment of the feel you were striving for.