How to move your car abroad

After you decide to move the car to another country, you need to follow the legal process to export your car safely. Here are some key points that you must remember.

Get the required documents

As required by US customs, you must prepare the main copy of the original title or title itself. Only a certified copy of the original or valid original certificate as proof of ownership. Only the motor vehicle department can make title certification.

If your vehicle is new and has no title, send a statement from the manufacturer than the car title, so you can export it. You can get a statement from the manufacturer from the car dealer. Serve the original copy plus two copies again to customs.

Prepare your car

As stated by customs, never use your vehicle to carry your personal belongings. This is for your own safety and security because your things might be Orlando Car Shippers vulnerable to theft. Take inventory to fill your car and make sure to save the list with you. Operators have certain rules and regulations on what you can leave in your vehicle. These items can include parts of the car and permanent accessories. Ask your sender to find out what is allowed to be included in your vehicle during transportation. Also, ask about the amount of fuel allowed to remain in the vehicle. Finally, clean your car thoroughly both inside and outside. Make sure that undercarriage does not have dirt or debris. Your car will be checked by the customs as a whole so make sure it is well prepared.

Buy Marine Insurance

Buy marine insurance for your car to cover it for that time it will be transported in the ocean. Insurance by sea operators may not be enough to replace your car if it is lost or damaged. Know what is closed; Ask your operator. Then the cost of buying extra coverage. Be sure to check your current policy to find out whether marine insurance is borne, before buying additional insurance.